Important! Buying advertising will not make you any money with PaidVerts! The only way to earn is via interacting with paid ads that target your account.

Targeted Ads

$0.02 - $10
Users will copy and paste 3 lines of text about your offering, before visiting your website for 30 seconds. Incredible targeting option!

Bulk Ads

Every ad pack (basic price $1) delivers:
50 user visits for up to 30 seconds each, after copying 3 lines of text about your offering. Plus 25x top of page 728*90 or 468*60 banner impressions & 100x 125*125 banner.

Cheap Traffic

$0.10 per 40 unique visits
Users will visit your website for 15 seconds, after typing 1 line of of copy & paste about your offering. Delivery guaranteed within 14 days. 100% unique users!


$0.10 per 40 unique visits
Limited Promotion: 1$ per 1000 5000 grid impression-clicks: Powerful advertising! Have your advertisement as a background image on our AdGrid - users will see you advertisement before they click the grid!

AdGrid Fixed

Limited Promotion: Super discounts (up to 75% discounts!) on 60 day+ exposures! Buy a spot on our AdGrid for a fixed amount of time - cheap cost per view!

Fixed Ads Auction

from $5
Bid to have your ad shown as a fixed ad for a full day, and receive up 40,000+ unique visitors in a day, each viewing your ad for 15 seconds, after typing out 3 unique selling points of your business!

Login Ads Auction

from $16.00/160,000 BAP
Bid to have your ad shown on first PaidVerts visit from all of our unique users on a specific day. Have up to 40,000+ unique users viewing your ad for %2 seconds as the first action of their session!

BAP Banner Spots

from 200 BAP
Use your BAP for additional advertising with special banner spots! Faster delivery of bought impressions in additional 728*90 and 160*600 px spots

Forum Banner Auction

from $10
Use your money for additional advertising with special forum banner spots! Delivery in 160*600 px spot.