Fixed Ad campaign for bidding

Looking for high exposure and quick delivery of your ads to all of our active users for very competitive prices?
Fixed ad campaigns are perfect for advertisers who are looking for getting effective advertising with unique viewers and concentrated on a specific day, with guaranteed results - each of our fixed ads delivers to 30,000+ (#1-8 BAP ads) of unique user views on the exposure day (00:00 - 23:59 UTC).
We also don't artificially hype up our prices, as they are completely dependant on advertiser demand and performance, via the use of our bidding system.

Our bidding prices start at $5/ad per day, meaning that when there's little advertising demand you will be able to get 20,000+ of unique views to your ads within 24 hours for a price of just $5.

For each day you can bid on any of our 16 "BAP ads", that each of our users can view each day. Set up bids in advance - Bids will be frozen 1 hour before the ad starts being shown (23:00 UTC time, the day before the ad is shown) and the top bid will have their ad shown. If you get outbid you will be refunded to your balance at the time you were outbid.


Campaign setup

Enter three lines of text about your business.

User will re-type this information before viewing your website. So tell them about what you have to offer, what you want them to know. Something cool / unique about your business / product, and why they should use it.

*Please enter between 6 and 30 characters of text and numbers only in the fields above. No formatting, punctuation, dollar signs etc. Just text and numbers. Short & simple statements about your business, that users will physically have to type out before viewing your website.

Select fixed ads to bid on for a specific day
Choose the date of which date of fixed ad display you would like to place bids on.

Expected ad views per fixed ad, based on recent results:
- each BAP ad #1-#8 deliver 30,000+ views from unique members
* Auctioning several ads on the same day does not mean that your unique views will be multiplied, it simply means that X amount of unique views will be directed to each of the ads irrelevant of the other.

Please note that ad views delivered by a fixed ad can vary, and these are just estimates based on recent results, that will be updated regularly to reflect the actual real stats as accurately as possibly.

Click here to view the performance of fixed ads in the past days

Bid on one or more of our forum banner ads to gain exposure of up to 40,000+ unique daily viewers per ad in a single day!
* Bids close at 23:00 Server time (UTC), 1 hour before the ads for the bid start being issue to our members.
** Minimum bid is $5.00 per ad. Minimum bid increment is $1.00% more than the previous offer. There is no maximum bid limit - prices are demand driven.
*** If you are outbid, your bid NET value (in case of paying directly via a payment processor, any payment processor fees are excluded from the refund) will be refunded to your balance.

Display Date Bid for ad Auction closes Highest bid Bid price
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #1 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #2 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #3 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #4 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #5 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #6 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #7 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
20 Jul 2024 Activation ad #8 0d, 1h, 46m, 33s $4.00  
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Depending on which method you select, various minimums and maximum purchases apply, along with cashier fees. (Purchasing from your account balance is free).

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