Potential use cases

This section / document is meant to outline potential use cases for targeted campaigns.

It is meant to give advertisers insights on how targeting options can be utilised to create an audience segment for a particular campaign.

It is important to note that, only a few examples are given below as a source of inspiration. There are lots of ways, the targeting options can be setup to suit your campaign.

If you are not sure of which profile & segments to use for your campaign, please, contact the support desk with your campaign description. They will advise you on possibilities.

To give you a simple overview of some of potential use cases of targeting advertising, we have prepared a simple overview of our suggestions of how an advertiser can use the power of our targeting profiles to best target their desired audience for the desired business case (what sort of users they wish to expose their advertisement to).

For a business case simply see what sort of targeting profiles should be chosen by the advertiser for such a business case to target the desired users with most relevance/best campaign performance.

Potential Targeting Profiles (PTP) lookup table legend:
  • can be used to make targeting for this business case more specific
  • not necessary/relevant for this business case
  • More profiles in the PTP sub-section can be used for this business case
Use/Business Case Specific Sector Potential Targeting Profiles (PTP)
    Geo Demographic Technical Interest Time
An advertiser wants to reach out to a target audience who are interested in lending money to someone(s) or to businesses so as to be paid an interest. Lending (General / Baseline)
Income (High, Medium, Low)
Lending (Yes)
Lending campaign / platform related to Crypto-currency. Crypto-currency Lending
Income (High, Medium, Low)
Lending (Yes), Cryptos (Yes), Bitcoin (Yes)
Only fait currency / particular payment processor e.g Creditcard. Fiat-currency Lending
Income (High, Medium, Low)
Lending (Yes), Credit Cards (Yes)
Online Trading    
An advertiser wants to reach a target audience who are interested in forex, shares, option trading. Trading
Income (High, Medium, Low)
Trading (Yes)
Platform Targeting    
An advertiser has just developed a GooglePlay/Apple app and will like to reach out to (PaidVerts) mobile users. Mobile
Platform (Mobile)
An advertiser has a desktop game and will like to reach audience who use desktop computers. Desktop
Platform (Macintosh, Windows)
Demographic Targeting    
An advertiser has a beauty product/campaign and will like to reach young female audience. Beauty & Fashion
Gender (Female), Age (16-17, 18-24)
Affiliate & Network Marketing    
An advertiser has a certain product and will like to reach an audience who are interested in affiliating promotion of the product. Business & Networking
Affiliate & Network Marketing (Gold, Silver, Bronze)* Gold audience are high-value promoters followed by Silver and Bronze respectively.
Cultural Targeting* (a little bit sensitive, care should be taken in describing it)    
An advertiser is interested in running a campaign for an audience whose religious beliefs do not allow them to earn money by giving a loan. Culture / Religious
Lending (No)
Time Targeting    
An advertiser has a campaign and will like to reach out to an audience available online at a particular period. It could be hours in a day, particular days or just weekend. Time Specific
Hours, Days, Weekdays, Weekend segments are available.
*the profiles stated in the content are only mentioned as an example
*using too many combination of profiles constraint your targeting audience