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portfolio2052291 (3489 active)$107064.72651$134139.28205
scarloc8332445 (9 active)$624.57918$896.65912
dguy30262 (38 active)$3569.79721$3175.47358
tyhoon201424116 (59 active)$2654.43443$2476.39414
fouadwin23918 (12 active)$311.98447$303.24234
Hersix22651 (3 active)$784.06129$695.70413
bitcoin202522235 (7 active)$23.90026$12.16807
vetrich20991 (3 active)$365.12209$424.17920
PipsNetwork20135 (81 active)$1611.43398$1574.88993
pumasfull17655 (1 active)$572.83537$720.50407
javitopinto16898 (4 active)$1778.31869$2503.03153
Micio12890 (19 active)$229.01904$121.01973
AssShaker11682 (17 active)$949.83904$1289.59993
DarkLOrdSK11029 (3 active)$3242.38113$2509.36162
PankajNeo10459 (3 active)$33.39564$36.09417