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AD FILTER: off - fatema561595 accepts all ads
Payment Processors:
Perfect Money
Bonus Ad Points: 0
Proven Traffic Value: $0.00
Ad purchases: $0.00
Referral Commissions: $79.64275 Rank: #3835 with 2 referrals, 1 currently active
Paid Ad Interactions: $0.00 Rank: #1142535 from 540 paids ad interactions
Money Gaming Volume: $23,253.05859 Rank: #107 with 6569 plays, 7 games
BAP Gaming Volume: 805764 BAPs Rank: #28292 with 764 plays, 4 games
Money Games Played: Rank: Details:
The Coin Flip Game#22$19,741.464 total bets; 4869 plays; max play: $100.00
The Slot Machine#4$348.00 total bets; 667 plays; max play: $1.50
The Prize Spinner#2$106.70 total bets; 23 plays; max play: $10.00
Lucky Numbers#199$10.01459 total bets; 8 plays; max play: $5.00
Roulette#215$2,944.40 total bets; 954 plays; max play: $96.00
Money Slots#2226$5.68 total bets; 18 plays; max play: $0.45
Shootout Champs#321$96.80 total bets; 30 plays; max play: $45.00
BAP Games Played: Rank: Details:
Compound Boxes#24687610 BAPs total bets; 1 plays; max play: 10 BAPs
The Coin Flip Game#13672804909 BAPs total bets; 737 plays; max play: 50000 BAPs
Gold Digger#10696220 BAPs total bets; 6 plays; max play: 50 BAPs
Jacks or Better#2615625 BAPs total bets; 20 plays; max play: 100 BAPs